The land is ruled by a king, who is more a show king than actual ruler, leaving most of the hard work to his advisors. These advisors have created a Tetrarchy, where the 4 advisors are supreme rulers. They have created a police state which there is a court but the jury is not random and is somewhat biased towards elves, being previously taken over by the species and later overthrown by the people and its king. There is still some bias in the streets but mostly it doesn’t affect you, except for the occasional extremist or the Neo-Thealbisism Church.

You can do side quests outside the city to gain money, fame, power, or anything you desire. Unfortunately you can’t do anything right now, because you are being held in the SuperMax prison, for using magic.

You look around you and you see a couple other prisoners around you tied in much the similar fashion. You have each been convicted and tortured for a crime that you didn’t do. Everyone is conscious and suddenly one of you says “Hi, my name is Orald”. You all introduce yourselves and afterwards you get to the problem of you being in prison. You agree if you escape you would remain as a group through thick and thin, rain or shine, because you have no where else to go, and you’ve been through this torture together. So how to get out of these bonds?

The Kingdom of Four